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Exceptional quality and fast service for orthodontic appliances that help patients with alignment, development, retention, space maintenance, and much more.

We also offer a wide choice of colours and designs to customize appliances for any age group, while investing in the future with digital dentistry.


Digital Study Models

It’s time to streamline your study models by moving all your models to the digital world today. There’s nothing that has to change on your end. All you have to do is either send us impressions, which we will scan and convert to digital models; or you can forward us your patient scans so we can convert to HTML files  digital study models for you to view on your computer using EXOWEBVIEW from Exocad. Benefits include:
– A free storage solution to your plaster models
– Better accuracy with one of the best orthodontic software programs in the industry
– Digital models can be printed at any time for you convenience
– Faster turnaround times

Michigan / Tanner appliance

Michigan and Tanner splints are used in the treatment of the TMJ and to control bruxism. These full coverage splints are constructed in a 4m...
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Hawley retainer

The usual Hawley retainer is constructed with a 3×3 labial bow and a set of adams clasps. It is easily adjustable with the labial omeg...
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Night guards

A night guard is meant to protect the teeth from clenching and grinding during sleep. It is worn every night or every time the person sleeps...
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Essix retainer

An Essix retainer is a clear, almost invisible style of retainer that is similar in appearance to Invisalign. The Essix retainer is a name m...
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Sport Mouth guards

A sport mouth guard is an appliance that is prescribed to an athlete to protect his teeth from being damaged from a physical blow to the fac...
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HDM Clear Aligners

We make orthodontic treatments for patients a simple process for them and their dentist and/or orthodontist with our innovative digital dent...
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3D Printed bite splints

Digitally designed and 3D-printed for a more precise fit and better patient comfort, the Bite Splint will help alleviate the damage caused b...
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Our state of the art equipment and facilities ensure total hygiene and safety whilst providing precise dental engineering.

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We provide comprehensive service for all your dental engineering needs. From implants to braces, teeth whitening, colour matching and more.

Certified dental technicians

Our team of dental technicians have years of experience and are highly trained with certifications acquired from industry leading authorities.

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We are sure you'll be happy with the results, if at any stage you are not satisfied with the work, we'll do everything we can to make it right.

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