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HDM Clear Aligners

We make orthodontic treatments for patients a simple process for them and their dentist and/or orthodontist with our innovative digital dentistry technology. As a dentist or orthodontist, you only have to send us scans or silicon impressions  of your patient’s mouth, and we’ll design on our software the orthodontic treatment and calculate the number aligners necessary to reach the patients optimal smile goals.

 Our Orthodontist  will create the virtual design within 48 hours , a small video and report will be shared, following the doctor’s approval HDM Dental Laboratory will manufacture the case within 2 weeks and deliver to your practice.

Key benefit: Replacing in 1 day lost or broken aligner. 

an appliance that helps with teeth alignment. Our lab can accept a number of different types of scans.


Step 1

Send your case

Visit our website to upload your STL files, or send impressions by using our free postage labels, or we can collect by one of our courier, call us to find out if we cover your area.

Step 2

Case file and prescription review

Our expert team  will take a look at your case and prescription to see if it’s a fit for HDM Clear Aligners

Step 3

Approve the virtual design

If your case is within our guidelines we  will create the digital design of the tooth movement and provide your practice with a virtual set up notification for approval.

Step 4

Manufacturing and delivery

Following the doctor’s approval HDM Dental Laboratory will manufacture the HDM clear aligners and deliver to your practice.

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