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Telescopic denture

Telescopic dentures are a top specialty of HDM Dental Laboratory. A telescopic denture makes use of the remaining teeth to hold the denture firmly in the wearer’s mouth without the need for clasps, implants or denture adhesive. In many cases there is also no need to have a palate plate!
The remaining teeth are prepared in much the same way as for a normal crown. Primary metal coverings called “copings” are cemented on top of the prepared teeth. Secondary metal copings that exactly fit over the primary copings are incorporated into the denture. When the denture is fitted, the secondary copings slide neatly into position on top of the primary copings, rather like the two tubes of a telescope! Simple but effective – like most good inventions.

We can support and make better fit your loose telescopic denture using external attachments TK-1

TK1 robust, safe, continuously adjustable permanent friction for telescope crowns Long track for friction also used for extreme short crowns because friction contact is close to the cervical margin.

  1. Friction pressure close to the cervical margin, means there is enough friction track even if there are extreme short crowns.
  2. Optimal friction safety even for primary crowns with only 3mm height.
  3. During initiation of activator screw the plug appears, which ensures the stability of friction part .
  4. Easy to reach activator and fixation screw from dorsal.

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