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Cobalt Chrome Denture

HDM DENTAL LABORATORY chrome dentures are incredibly strong and these dentures have a chromium (metal) base which offers many advantages over acrylic dentures including strength, it can be made thinner so may be less bulky and is stronger for people whose dentures break frequently, the metal may rest on strong adjacent teeth which is healthier for your mouth, they allow more of your palate to be exposed thereby allowing a greater sense of taste when eating, metal or clear clasps can be attached to firmly secure your denture.

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Over Denture
A type of denture that fits over the top of patient’s teeth or dental implants.
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Composite Fillings
A synthetic resin material that is most used for tooth coloured filling.
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Screw Retained Implants
A screw retained restoration is that crown or bridge is fabricates in such a way that a hole is present on the occlusal surface.
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