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The All on 4 dental implant treatment options for edentulous jaws is a treatment procedure that uses the back implants are typically angled approximately 30 to 45 degrees from the biting plane and the implants are placed in front straight 0 degree. An acrylic bridge is then fabricated and fitted for functioning within just a few hours after the dental implant surgery. The All on 4 enables patients to receive immediate function capability and a great smile with a new set of teeth in one day.

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Over Denture
A type of denture that fits over the top of patient’s teeth or dental implants.
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Composite Fillings
A synthetic resin material that is most used for tooth coloured filling.
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Screw Retained Implants
A screw retained restoration is that crown or bridge is fabricates in such a way that a hole is present on the occlusal surface.
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